Foreigners to Foreign Policy: It’s Not a Woman’s World

Original article appeared on Muse by Liz Elfman

When journalist Micah Zenko attended a conference on U.S. foreign policy, he was surprised by the lack of women in the room.
当记者Micah Zenko参加美国外国政策会议时, 他感到很吃惊因为会场内没有很多女性.

And being the journalist he is, he decided to research the facts on females in foreign policy.

The results?

So striking that he turned them into the essay “City of Men,” which was then published in Foreign Policy.

So what are these facts?

Women make up only 21% of the policy-related positions in America, and only 29% of leadership positions (directors, presidents, or fellows) in the field.
在美国 女性 才 占据 了21% (与) 政策相关的职位, 29%这个领域的领导职位


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